Introducing Polylauncher: The first metaverse-focused accelerator and launchpad on Polygon

The introduction of Launchpads has significantly improved the blockchain market for projects and investors. It enables anybody to gain early access to deals, projects and token launches safely without having to compete with more experienced investors, who may front-run listings or buy out an entire pool of tokens in one sitting. Having a trusted and safe platform for investors is widely preferred, and several new crypto projects have found themselves opting for a launchpad to help raise capital as well.

Having recognised the problem of unstable and risky investments in recent years, the number of launchpads on various platforms have increased. Yet, there are still blockchain development platforms that are newly developed and have not reached its full potential in providing their investors with faster and cheaper transactions within the network. Polylauncher recognises this in Polygon.

While Polygon has shown exponential growth in recent years and is more accessible than ever with their custom modules and networks, it is difficult for investors to gain access to the projects available on the ecosystem. An influx of NFT and metaverse-related projects is also expected on the Polygon platform, which may, over time, strain Polygon as it is still a small ecosystem, relative to its valuation.

Polylauncher is confident in Polygon’s potential, but we also see how we can help better the platform for future investors and users.

Polylauncher aims to be the “Y Combinator” of Polygon by providing a practical, transparent and fair launching ground for Polygon’s ecosystem projects. Investors, in turn, will be able to gain access to such projects in a safer and more practical manner. We are aware that the majority of crypto users and investors associate Polygon with metaverse and NFT projects. By focusing on these two categories, Polylauncher, in the near future, hopes to achieve:

  1. A more strict and controllable due diligence process, and
  2. A sustainable targeted market that we can focus on long term

With our launchpad, Polylauncher hopes to better investors’ experience on Polygon through a favourable whitelisting process. The future of blockchain will be fairer, more accessible and most importantly, safer for everyone.

Stay tuned to Polylauncher’s social media to know more about our project and how you can be the next angel investor expert!



The first metaverse-focused accelerator and launchpad on Polygon

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The first metaverse-focused accelerator and launchpad on Polygon