Polylauncher Major Update 1.0 — New Mascot, Future IDO Plans and more!

Polylauncher would like to express our gratitude towards our community who supported us on our recent IDO listing. The dual listing was a great success and the team is looking forward to doing more for our community in the near future!

For the meantime, our team has been hard at work to make Polylauncher the best experience for you! Here are some major sneak peaks on what we are working on right now. Some of the few details were previously mentioned in our AMA on Polygon Discord last Thursday (August 26), but keep reading for more!

Airdrop Distribution

We would like to congratulate the winners on our previous Airdrop! The Airdrop has been completed and announced by our team here. All the prizes should be distributed by September 6, stay tuned to our channels for more updates.

New Trading Platforms

$ANGEL is now tradable on 1inch, Coin98 Wallet, Uniswap and Quickswap! Investors who are interested in navigating through Polygon can refer to this. By acquiring $ANGEL, users will be able to earn Angel score and increase user benefits on the platform!

The Angel Score System (Brief introduction)

Edit (September 2nd, 3:35 pm UTC): We will be considering single asset staking options as well, more updates soon.

Edit (September 10th, 11:25 am UTC): We have developed and implemented single asset staking as it was highly requested by the community. Angel Score Mining is now LIVE! Check it out at https://app.polylauncher.com/angel-score/.
Single asset staking yields less score compared to LP staking, please refer to the article below.

(Small teaser: We might have some plans to offer more use cases for the Angel Score, stay tuned!)

A snippet of the interface. Please refer to the one on the website for the most accurate representation.

Anyone who stakes their ANGEL-MATIC QuickSwap LP or $ANGEL via Polygon network on our platform will begin accruing Angel Score, a fair and unique feature only available on Polylauncher. There is no lock and no extra fees to deposit or withdraw your assets from Angel Score Mining.

LP Staking yields a regular amount of Angel Score, but Single Asset staking yields around 3x less Angel Score than LP Stakers to compensate for the stability.

The Angel Score is calculated via a tangible platform score and an intangible project score -

  • Platform score (collected via staking MATIC-ANGEL LP tokens over time)
  • Project score (temporarily available boost per project sale, acquired via completing specific tasks)

There will be no tiers, but instead your Angel Score will determine your probability to participate in Polylauncher sales, and act as a criteria to enter into specific sales.

Angel Score examples:

Use Case 1 *Platform Score & Project Score*:

  • User A stakes 100 ANGEL-MATIC LP for 10 months ; no project tasks were completed = platform score (1000) + project score (0)
  • User B stakes 100 ANGEL-MATIC LP for 3 months ; completes all tasks for specific project = platform score (300) + project score (1000)

Explanation: User B has staked for the same amount and less time, but they have been active completing project specific tasks, therefore earning a higher Angel Score for this specific project sale and higher probability of being eligible to participate in the sale.

Use Case 2 *The Correlation of Staking amount and time* (Without consideration of project score and tasks):

  • User A stakes 100 ANGEL-MATIC LP for 10 months = platform score (1000)
  • User B stakes 10,000 ANGEL-MATIC LP 3 days before IDO = platform score (300)

Explanation: User B has 100x more capital than User A does, but since there was minimal time spent to mine Angel Score, User B will only have 1/3 of a chance to win a spot compared to User A

Use Case 3 *Balancing Angel Scores* (Without consideration of project score and tasks):

  • User A stakes 100 ANGEL-MATIC LP for 10 months = platform score (1000)
  • User B stakes 100 ANGEL-MATIC LP for 3 months = platform score (300)

IDO 1 : Angel Score deducted if sale participation is successful = 800 platform score

IDO 2 (one week after IDO 1): Angel Score deducted if sale participation is successful = 300 platform score

Explanation: Even if User A was able to win a spot to participate in IDO sale 1, a fee of 800 Angel Score is deducted after the success of participating in the sale, therefore the remaining platform score for User A will be 200. User B will then have a higher probability of participating in IDO 2, limiting succession for users and encouraging users with a fair playing field.

User B with only 300 Angel Score (platform score) will not be able to participate in IDO 1.

This feature will be live before Friday, September 10th, possibly earlier, before we start our first IDO sale on Polylauncher. We will provide a more detailed documentation of how it works before the implied date, so please follow our social media for the latest updates.

The above figures only act as an example. These are not accurate figures and will not reflect the actual product and system.

Polylauncher’s New Mascot

Polylauncher will have a new angel mascot on the team! Here’s a sneak peak for what our angel mascot look like:

Polylauncher Partnerships

Polylauncher is excited to announce upcoming IDOs for two projects on our platform! (Just a teaser as there will be a separate announcement out on our official pages, but start looking into it and showing you support!)

1. NetVRK land sale (Upcoming three weeks)
2. Mobius Finance public sale (Upcoming three to four weeks)

Other than the above, we are also talking to a few projects, such as The Three Kingdoms, Duelist King and Heroes & Empires


Other than our Angel Score Mining, we are also offering extra yield generation options for everyone (LIVE NOW!) on QuickSwap, Adamant Finance. In the future possibly DinoSwap, Polycrystal and ApeSwap !

Look forward to receiving more information soon!

More listings

Since our team has done well with the previous listing, we are looking forward to doing more in the near future!

Polylauncher is thrilled with the results of previous events and developments of the company. We guarantee to continue doing our best to provide users with excellent and efficient services. For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms listed below!

About Polylauncher

Polylauncher is the first native decentralized launchpad for projects on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs. The company aims to maintain the highest security standards on their user-friendly platform for users to seamlessly access and invest in projects built on the Polygon ecosystem.

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