Polylauncher now on Binance Smart Chain

Polylauncher is now expanding to support Binance Smart Chain (BSC)! The move will make Polylauncher a cross-chain platform in a perfect position to serve two of the most dynamic ecosystems in the blockchain, Polygon Network and BSC.

With the announcement, Polylauncher is ready to work with projects on the BSC network. We already have lined up some major platforms that will be bringing their tokens into our launchpad’s ecosystem.

Overview of Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain launched in September 2020. At the time of this article, the BNB coin has a total market cap of 8,655,573,735.00 US dollars. The network has seen enormous growth during 2021 due to the lower gas prices. On BSC, the average gas price is 20 Wei, and that gives a fee of $0.01 to $0.03 for a regular transaction.

The BSC blockchain uses a version of Proof of Stake to secure the network. To date, there are 15,528,431 BNB coins locked providing security. For these reasons, the BSC network is a cheaper and faster protocol than others in the market.

Additionally, BSC uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Smart contracts deployed on Ethereum are compatible with BSC. Moreover, developers familiar with Solidity and other tools on Ethereum can easily migrate to BSC without having to relearn any new concepts.

There are more than 500 dApps already live on BSC. The quantity is even more impressive considering that the blockchain is barely a year old. These reasons make BSC a perfect second home for Polylauncher and its mission to find and fund the best projects in the blockchain industry.

Polylauncher Guide

  1. To start using Polylauncher go to app.polylauncher.com.
  2. Once on the site, go to the top right corner and click on the ‘Connect’ button:

3. A message will direct you to connect your crypto wallet to the Polylauncher platform. Once the process is done, you’ll see the Angel and score associated with your wallet address plus the network you’re currently using:

On the main page, you’ll see all the valuable pools:

The pools page will have pools labeled as Polygon or BSC pools:

4. Finally, remember that pools in Polygon use MATIC tokens, while pools in BSC use BNB coins.

5. To know more about Polylauncher’s IDO process and its angel scoring system, see here.

Upcoming IDOs

Among the very first projects Polylauncher is supporting on BSC, we have MetaWars. Metawars is a multiplayer strategy and role-playing game where players, as the role of MetaWarriors, venture through space with NFTs to earn, stake and trade to impact major events in the galaxy.

The IDO is expected to launch by Mid-October. Ahead of the sale, there will be a lot of promotions and chances to gain bonus rewards for IDO participants. More details will follow shortly ahead of the main event.

That’s only the beginning, as we at Polylauncher are hard at work securing promising new IDOs for our growing ecosystem.

About Polylauncher

Polylauncher is the first native decentralized launchpad for projects on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs. The company aims to maintain the highest security standards on their user-friendly platform for users to seamlessly access and invest in projects built on the Polygon ecosystem.

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