Polylauncher Announces LUXY IDO in November (+ Guide)

5 min readNov 16, 2021


Polylauncher recently announced our partnership with LUXY, an NFT marketplace that is green, scalable, cheap, and fast.

We are now excited to confirm that Polylauncher will be an official launchpad for LUXY’s IDO from November 26th to November 30th, and we’ve got you covered with a complete guide on how to participate.

Note: Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the information below before making any official transactions.

LUXY Tokenomics

LUXY aims to raise a total of $400,000 from their IDOs and have allocated 5,000,000 tokens plus 2,000,000 for locked LP for an initial market cap of $700,000 at TGE at a listing price of $0.10 per $LUXY token.

Polylauncher will raise a total of $150,000 and offer 1,875,000 tokens at $0.08 per $LUXY. The tokens are distributed with a different vesting period and the percentage determines the budget allocated.

Read all about the $LUXY token in this detailed breakdown from LUXY.

Indicate Interest

Our interest registration period will begin on November 18th (4PM SGT / 8AM UTC) and will conclude on November 25th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC). Those community members who wish to participate will be able to register on our website to indicate their interest. For more information about the registration process please read on.

There will be two pools for this sale: a Guardian Angel Pool starting on November 26th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC) until November 30th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC), and the Regular Angel Pool starting on November 29th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC) until November 30th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC).

Guardian Angel Pool

The Guardian Angel Pool will be opened on November 26th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC), a few days before the Regular Angel Pool. Roughly $25,000 worth of $LUXY will be solely distributed to those who are willing to give up 8000 Angel Score and will be guaranteed one out of 50 fixed spots in the Guardian Angel Pool as a bonus to reward our most loyal angels. There will be no minimum purchase amount and the maximum purchase amount is $500 per address. Guardian Angels can enjoy a longer period of registration in comparison to the Regular Angel Pool. *This will still incur a raffle amongst all who indicate interest here*

Regular Angel Pool

The Regular Angel Pool will begin on November 29th (5PM SGT / 9AM UTC). With 700 spots available, the pool provides roughly $125,000 to angels with an entry requirement of 350 Angel Score and the opportunity to guarantee a spot in the pool as well after the Guardian Angel Pool. The minimum purchase amount is $125 and maximum purchase amount is $250 per address.

Token claiming will be on December 1st (11PM SGT / 3PM UTC). There will be no lock and no vesting, meaning 100 percent of $LUXY tokens sold on Polylauncher will be available immediately upon listing.

How Polylauncher IDOs Work

1. Navigate to https://app.polylauncher.com/account/ and complete the KYC registration. This is applicable for all sales and is only a one time procedure. All participants have to complete and receive approval via the KYC progress to be eligible for participation in all Polylauncher IDOs.

Note: If asked to enter your Ethereum address at any stage, it is the same as your MATIC or BSC address. They are all the same, please treat it similarly.

2. You can navigate to the “Pools” page to access the list of upcoming IDOs on our launchpad. If KYC is approved, the “join” button will be available once the project lottery whitelist is open.

3. After signing up to participate in the draw, results will be revealed on a later date.

To participate in the IDO, you must complete the KYC process. KYC in the following countries will be restricted, this includes USA, Canada, Afghanistan, Central Africa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Seychelles, Bermuda, Burundi, Eritrea, Palestine, South Sudan, Western Sahara, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Syria

What Happens After The Submission?

Until the day before the IDO, entry submissions will end, and a lottery draw will be conducted. Angel Scores will influence the chances of winning immensely for the whitelist lottery.

The draw will occur, and all selected participants will be able to join the pool with MATIC (or BNB once we support BSC next). *All token prices will be pegged on the day before IDO*

Important Points

  1. Tasks to earn Angel Scores for each project will be accessible on Polylauncher’s dedicated bot for all listings (more information below, as well as separate events and announcements), the access to submit the tasks will also be available via the Telegram channel at all times.
  2. Platform score will be deducted if you are whitelisted to the sale.
  3. Project score (earned from completing tasks) will always be reduced to 0 after all specific sales end.

To know more about the specifics regarding Polylauncher’s own Angel Scoring system and how the IDO will work, see here!

You will only have to register once via your Telegram account, and project score tasks will be shown whenever they are available. Check it out to learn more and ask in the official discussion chats if you have any questions!

Beware of Scams

Polylauncher and LUXY are aware that there are scams on the internet, please do not attempt to buy such tokens before any official announcements by us. Both parties are not responsible for any losses. Both platforms will also never message you on either of our platforms other than our official channels. Stay vigilant!

About LUXY

LUXY is becoming the go-to NFT platform, established in March of 2021, and has evolved into a team of 15. Starting with a next-gen Marketplace that is designed to offer a new and much improved NFT experience. It is built to be multichain, starting with the Polygon blockchain allowing it to be fast, scalable, green, low cost, and user-friendly. Decentralization is the core of crypto, so at every step, our marketplace is built around that core concept.

LUXY will offer your standard marketplace features plus additional features curated over months of research. These will include support for: GameFi and 3D models, Collection Launchpad, User-owned Collections, Multiple Royalty Addresses for group projects, direct royalties, all file types, White Label Solutions, UI/UX for ease of use.

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About Polylauncher

Polylauncher is the first native decentralized launchpad for projects on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs. The company aims to maintain the highest security standards on their user-friendly platform for users to seamlessly access and invest in projects built on the Polygon ecosystem.

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