Polylauncher Launches IDO with MetaFi (+ Guide)

Polylauncher is announcing a new strategic partnership with MetaFi, a seamless Metaverse ecosystem that unites blockchain project developers, investors, and traders into a single guild. The community can have early access to tokens for new blockchain games and Metaverses via MetaFi’s Incubator and Seed Sale Launchpad.

This IDO has only been made possible because of the support of MetaFi’s partners and investors, including Kommunitas, Acy Finance, starfi, Mvpad, ICI Ventures, and CCK VENTURES.

We are delighted to announce that Polylauncher is going to be the official launchpad for MetaFi’s IDO project from April 21 to April 25, 2022, and we’ve included a comprehensive walkthrough on how you may be able to register!

Interest Registration Period

We will be accepting interest registrations starting from April 21st at 4 AM UTC until April 22nd at 8 AM UTC. If you’d like to get involved, you’ll need to register on our website. Get to know about the IDO’s registration process by reading on.

Doom Angels, Regular Angels, and Guardian Angels will have individual private Pools. Individuals who have invested in these private IDOs as angel investors are eligible to join. Both the Guardian and Regular Angel Pool will be begin on April 22nd at 10 AM UTC and will remain available until April 24th at 2 AM UTC. The Doom Angel pool will start on April 24th at 6 AM UTC and remain open until April 25th 6 AM UTC.

There is going to be a 15% release in the TGE, with the 15% released on the first month and a follow-up on the remaining 70% going to be vested over the next three months.

Guardian Angel Pool

This pool will charge a token price of 0.03 USDT/token for the 833,333.33 tokens that they will issue. About $25,000 in MetaFi tokens will be distributed among those who are willing to give up their 4000 Angel Scores. Our most dedicated angels who agree to these rules will receive a slot out of the 40 guaranteed slots in the Guardian Angel Pool as our way of saying thanks for their loyalty. The minimum purchase is $600 and the maximum purchase is $800 amount per address.

Regular Angel Pool

This pool will be distributing 833,333.33 tokens at a cost of 0.03 USDT/token. The Regular Angel pool, which has 80 slots available, gives around $25,000 to angel investors with a minimum score of 400. A minimum purchase of $200 is required, with a maximum purchase of $400 per address.

Doom Angel Pool

The total number of tokens sold in the Doom Angel Pool will be determined by the total number of tokens remaining in the other two pools and will be sold at a token price of 0.03 UST per token. The pool does not require registration and has no minimum Angel Score requirement. Purchases must be at least $100 and no more than $200 per address.

How Do Polylauncher IDOs Work?

1. Complete the KYC process at this page. This is a one-time procedure that applies to all sales. Participants in all Polylauncher IDOs must go through the KYC procedure and have their identities verified.

2. Our launchpad’s “Pools” page, which can be accessible via the “Pools” menu, has a list of impending IDOs. The option to join becomes available for selection after the whitelist for the project lottery is opened and KYC is approved.

3. You understand and agree that the results of the drawing will be made public at a later date if you enter the contest.

Steps To Take After A Submission Is Made

1. Polylauncher bots for the Angel Score tasks (details below) will be made available through each project’s Telegram.

2. Participating in the transaction will result in a decrease in your platform score.

3. When all the defined sales objectives are satisfied, all of the project scores obtained through the task completions are reset back to zero.

This page contains information regarding Polylauncher’s unique scoring system, as well as how the IDO will operate.

Be Ware of Scams

Refrain from trying to buy these tokens until the Polylauncher team or MetaFi make public statements. Both parties will NOT suffer a loss. As a result, our platforms will never communicate with you in ways other than those described above. Always be on the lookout and vigilant!

About MetaFi

MetaFi is a seamless ecosystem for metaverse that provides essential tools and infrastructure for the project owners, investors and traders in one guild.

Website: https://meta-fi.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/metafi_official
Instagram: https://instagram.com/metafi_official
Youtube: https://youtu.be/eWioWP6gb7E

About Polylauncher

Polylauncher is the first native decentralized launchpad for projects on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs. The company aims to maintain the highest security standards on their user-friendly platform for users to seamlessly access and invest in projects built on the Polygon ecosystem.

Follow Polylauncher’s social media to know more:

Website: https://polylauncher.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/polylauncher
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PolyLauncher/
Telegram: https://t.me/Polylauncher
Medium: https://polylauncher.medium.com/



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