Polylauncher Launches IDO with MultiversePad (+ Guide)

4 min readApr 23, 2022

Polylauncher is over to the moon to announce our new strategic partnership with MultiversePad, a decentralized multichain and cross-chain all-in-one platform that integrates AMM, Lending, Farming, Launchpad, NFT, and other features. The mission of MultiversePad is to maintain objectivity, transparency, and authenticity. Because of this, a tiering system with assured allocations is available. Users won’t see any bias on MultiversePad and it allows currency projects to raise financing through incubation while enabling them to issue tokens and generate liquidity at the same time.

MultiversePad’s roster of partners and investors include Cwin Capital, Webcoin Capital, 0xShoyu Capital, Paycoin Capital, Najed Capital, XPVNTRS, Crypto.in, Hidden Gems Capital, Red Swiss Capital among many others.

Polylauncher will serve as the official launchpad for MultiversePad’s IDO project from April 26th to April 29th, and we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how you may register!

Note: Before engaging in any of the following official activities, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Interest Registration Period

We will begin accepting interest registrations on April 25th 10AM UTC until April 26th 10AM UTC. You must first register on our website in order to take part. To learn more about how to become an IDO participant, keep reading below.

Each of the IDOs will be able to use their own private pools. These private IDOs allow participation by individuals are angel investors. Starting from April 26th 12AM UTC, the Guardian Angel and the Regular Angel Pool will be open until April 28th 8AM UTC. Meanwhile, the sale for the Doom Angel will open on April 28th 10AM UTC and end on April 29th 10AM UTC.

During the listing, 25% of the tokens will be distributed, with 6% from the remaining tokens will be unlocked every week.

Guardian Angel Pool

This pool plans to charge a token price of 0.02 USDT per token for the 1,250,000 MultiversePad tokens it plans to issue. Anyone willing to give up their 4000 Angel Scores will receive a portion of the total $25,000 in MultiversePad tokens. Our most loyal angels who comply to these rules will gain one of the 40 slots in the Guardian Angel Pool as a gesture of our appreciation. At least $600 must be spent on each address, with a maximum of $800 allowed.

Regular Angel Pool

This pool will sell 1,250,000 tokens for 0.02 USDT each. Regular Angel, which now has 80 slots, gives approximately $25,000 to the angel investors with at least 400 angel score. A minimum transaction of $200 and a maximum transaction of $400 per address are required.

Doom Angel Pool

The remaining tokens from the other two pools will be used to determine the total number of Doom Angel Pool tokens sold. MultiversePad tokens will be auctioned for a token price of 0.02 USDT each. Buyers must make purchases of at least $100 per address and a maximum of $200.

How Do the Polylauncher IDOs Function?

1. This page serves as the final step in the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This is a one-time process that must be conducted for all sales. Before they may join in the Polylauncher IDO, participants must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process and have their identities authenticated.

2. Individuals interested in attending upcoming IDOs can discover a list of them on the launchpad’s “Pools” section, which can be accessed via the “Pools” option. After the whitelist for the project lottery is opened and KYC is validated, people who qualify are given the option to participate in the project lottery.

3. By entering the IDO, you recognize and agree that the drawing’s results will be made public at a later date.

Before you can join in the IDO, you must first complete the KYC process. KYCs will not be accepted in the following locations or countries: the United States of America, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Palestine, Seychelles, Canada, Burindi, Eritrea, Libya, Mali, Somalia, North Korea or Sudan, South Sudan, China or Hong Kong, Western Sahara, Yemen, Crimea, Cuba, Syria, Sevastopol, and Iran.

Upon Submission, What Happens Next?

1. Each project’s Telegram channel will include a Polylauncher bot that may be used for the Angel Score assignments (details below).

2. Your platform score will be lowered as a result of your involvement in the transaction.

3. All project scores obtained through task completions are reset to zero after all sales objectives have been met.

You may learn more about Polylauncher’s scoring system and how the IDO will work.

Be Wary of Scams!

You should wait for the Polylauncher or MultiversePad teams to make public statements before attempting to purchase these tokens. Neither party will suffer a loss. As a result, our platforms will never communicate with you in any way other than the ones specified above. Maintain a constant state of alertness and vigilance!

About MultiversePad

Multiversepad is a a multichain & cross-chain decentralized all-in-one platform to include amm, farming, lending, launchpad, NFT, and more.

Website: https://multiversepad.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiversePad

About Polylauncher

Polylauncher is the first native decentralized launchpad for projects on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs. The company aims to maintain the highest security standards on their user-friendly platform for users to seamlessly access and invest in projects built on the Polygon ecosystem.

Follow Polylauncher’s social media to know more:

Website: https://polylauncher.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/polylauncher
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PolyLauncher/
Telegram: https://t.me/Polylauncher
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